My 7 year old daughter has been having what she calls 'bad thoughts' she imagines me or her loved ones dying - or terrible things happening to them. I am worried about her because she gets so sad about it. I have tried to explain that its normal to have these kind of thoughts - that other kids her age go through the same things.


Tinker1987 - posted on 10/22/2012




Actually,i am 25 and i have had these thoughts since i was about 7. Just tell her things happen in life that we have no control over,so live your life in the positive,if you spend all your time crying about what hasnt happened,you miss out on time you can be spending with loved ones. i was going to actually see a Councilor about this last winter.but ended up being able to control it on my own. i still get these thoughts here and there but snap out of it and keep living as positivly as i can.

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