my 7 year old daughter wants a cellphone

Farbulous - posted on 11/03/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My ex-wife has been stating the our 7 year old daughter wishes to get a cellphone. My response was that I would look into it and resource case studies about this phenomenon where kids under the age of 10 have cellphones.

I went to pick her up from her after school program. My immediate reaction was to mention to my daughter that her mother told me she wanted a cellphone. And to ask her what she would you is for.

1) do you want a cell phone?
2) do kids in her school have phones?
3) will she take out the phone during recess to play on it?

Besides the fact I didnt like her responses in general but even more so I didnt like #3.

Yiu may have guessed: her aanswers where all YES's.

It took me a full day to rake her away from that evil to bring her down to earth.

My reasoninf against it:

1) distracts people around you and peers
2) removes the requirement to socialize
3) someone that may sound like a relative may stalk the child or worse.
4) the child will not focus in the classroom.

And a bunch of other concenrs not to mention radiation.

Well... did my daughter sure as heck comprehend that. She sure did.

Ladies, kids dont need cellphones they need lead normal lives. Sociallize, communicate, focus which will help them in school work.

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