My 7 year old keeps on with a bad behavior on class he is in everyone business except his. what can i do to change that?


Ariana - posted on 10/02/2014




Maybe the issue has more to do with trouble with schoolwork then? It may be helpful to get him a tutor to focus on study skills. Is it possible to get him a tutor? Even a smart high schooler to give him some extra attention could be beneficial.

I would still try to discuss things with the teachers again and ask if there's a real plan that can be worked out to tackle the behaviors. Taking the tv away when he's not acting the way he should is good but also giving him a chance to earn extra tv and praise is always a good thing.

Try talking to him about focusing more and doing his work slower. Being positive about how he can improve is also important and see if his teacher can give you information on what and when he acts well during the day so you can try to encourage him to improve (otherwise all he'll hear is negativity).

If part of it is he's rushing I highly recommend a tutor and more talks with the teacher to get a viable plan going. It sounds like you're really working to get him on the right track so I hope you can help him sort things out!

Ariana - posted on 09/30/2014




School issues are hard to deal with since obviously you aren't there to enforce it. What methods are being used by the teacher right now?

Can you speak with the teacher and get more specific details on what he's doing wrong and what can be done? How often and when does he usually act up and in what ways? Is it related to the schoolwork (by either being to hard or not hard enough?) or is he just more interested in socializing (or whatever the problem is). It might be helpful to ask the teacher if they can watch these things and give you some more details. Maybe a plan can be worked out with them on some sort of rewards basis.

So if he's acting up and in everyones business 4 times a day maybe he can be given happy or sad face for each section of the day (get through until recess with no problems and get a happy face). Then when he comes home if he could be rewarded for getting perfect (extra tv time or some such treat) and if he gets multiple sad faces he loses a privilage (no tv or grounded whatever consequence you think best).

Like I said though it may be more helpful to try and find out the root of the problem, maybe he needs extra help focusing, maybe he needs reminders or some other thing. It might be helpful if you can take a day or two off to go into the school and observe some of his behaviors (although they probably will subtly change with you there since you are his mother). It may help you gain perspective on where some of the issues stem from and what you can do to assist him.

If you can't get a sticker chart thing going with the teacher you can still enforce that days he comes home and the teacher isn't happy he'll lose something and days he does really well he gains something.

This is sort of different but you might also consider putting him into some form of martial arts. It might seem like just one small change but martial arts can assist with self-esteem, self-discipline, focus and a whole bundle of other things. It's also good to have him in an activity separate from school where he can be very successful so that his self-esteem doesn't go down from the negative feedback he's probably getting from school (granted it's of his own doing but that isn't going to help him act better).

Try discussing the issues with him also. Tell him you really want him to start focusing and acting properly at school and maybe ask him what ways he thinks he can get more focus, why is he acting out and what can he do to reel himself back?

Anyway I know that's a lot but I hope some of it is helpful! Definitely talk to his teacher and see what type of plan you can work with them since you aren't at the school to discipline.


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Yessica - posted on 09/30/2014




this helps alot yes i have talked to the teachers already they tell me he dosnt just hurrys up and do his work but dosnt even do it right he does it wrong, and just to finish and starts talking, they also said he talks back and wants to be a class clown. he is in baseball class i dont know if that can help i do see he focus on that and trys hes best at that. he loves tv so itook it away. dont now what else to take away.or do. for him to do better in school.

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