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My 7 year old son has autism and adhd. I have decided to treat him with medicine because without medicine it seems his behavior is a little bit out of the ordinary. In plus medication helps with him attention span and is suppose to decrease his meltdowns. However, even when he is on medication he still has these meltdowns. I have noticed his meltdowns getting stronger and consistant. He has a meltdown just about every day around the same time. Sometimes, I can tell what triggers his meltdowns, while other times its hard to understand. Mostly, his meltdowns is from not getting what he wants. For example, he will plan on my phone to occupy his time while waiting in a store. As soon as the battery on the phone dies he gets upset. Then shortly after getting upset he will have a meltdown. Even if I ignore his behavior he continues to throw, hit, spit, you name it. No matter the circumstance or the situation he is in at the time he throws himself into a huge fit. It becomes frustrating and uncontrollable in public. Is it normal as a parent to react to my childs meltdowns? I get emotionally worked up feeling bad for my son. I don't know why I do this, in public especially I shouldn't feel embarrassed. I end up letting his behavior get to me and get easily frustrated. I use to have patience for the behaviors but it gets tiring to maintain my composure. Do any other mom's out there do this? Any suggestions?


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Sorry that you're struggling with this, Katherine. My 7YO boy has occasional tantrums, but I think your sons autism and adhd (and medications!) are big factors. Circle of Moms has a Community that discusses Autism and ADHD, so my recommendation would be that you post this question in that community:

A good friend of mine's son has ADHD and Sensory Integration Disorder (and a few other acronyms!). She has done a lot of occupational therapy and play groups, and I believe this has helped.

If your son attends a public school, there are federal laws that dictate the assistance that he is entitled to. Unfortunately you have to fight like a tiger to get the help, but it's a worthy battle. Best of luck!

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