My 7 year old son suffers from chronic constipation

Melissa - posted on 03/31/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I've seen specialists who have prescribed miralax and a high fiber diet, but still nothing helps. He refuses to go to the bathroom. It is a battle to get him to sit on the toilet after meals. I'm at my whits end. What to do?


Suzi - posted on 04/29/2013




It's hard work, I know, but you have to keep working at him - irregular bowel function leads to intestinal autointoxication. Which is why you have to make damn sure he goes to the loo and tries to "do", several times a day.

Diet tips - less dairy, less meat (or none!). More veg esp. green veg (eg spinach), pulses, chillis, veg with skins (eg peppers), nuts (if not allergic). A healthy breakfast (muesli). Brown bread not white. Fruit and fruit juices.
Lifestyle tips - make sure he's getting exercise (i.e walking more)

And if that's not enough, use glycerine, or soap, or (if he's having stomach pains) dulcolax suppositories to make him do a dooh at the appropriate time of day. No side-effects, no addictive properties, and they work in 10-20 minutes. And having medicine pushed up his bum might be the motivation he needs to look after his bowels more!

Eleni - posted on 03/31/2013




As a kid I remember my mother wearing gloves and trying to pulling my puppy while I was pushing.... I had the same problem as your son and even worse I guess!
My mom used to give me freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with 2% milk every morning as well as a table spoon of olive oil. Around noon I used to drink prune juice with kiwis and I remember that always before my main meal she would feed me green salad ( lettuce-tenderloins- any green salad) my doctor used to say that green salads must be eaten before meals as they work like garbage bags... They form a circle in the stomach.. This way, whatever food falls in it.. is so much easier digest and thrown away (poopies )


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Amanda - posted on 07/24/2014




My 7 year old son is experiencing stomach pain too and ive tried everything. He also complains about his chest hurting, are these related symptoms!


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