my 7 year ols cant focus in school HELP


Tahnia - posted on 05/06/2009




As a teacher I find that children who watch television before they come to school often have trouble focusing in school. I dont know if this is the case with your child but if it is then maybe try doing something else before school. Research also shows that children who use a lot of computer games ect have trouble focusing in class as there is only the teacher there to 'entertain' them. Activities at home which help the child to learn to focus on one thing at a time are helpful: Craft work, drawing, playing music. Good Luck

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Ask the teacher if he could bring a squeeze toy to school to play with while she talks. You should set boundaries for the play (i.e. you can only play with it on top of your desk). If he's having trouble focusing because he wants to be moving around this can be very helpful, he can move it and play with it without disrupting class. Also, make sure he gets lots of time to run around and play while he's at home. At least an hour a day of physical activity. And finally try to stay away from anything with sugar in it before or during school. Let him have those snacks when he comes home. I hope this helps.


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Amy - posted on 03/06/2012




I've tried everything to help my son stay focused at school. He's in first grade and if he doesn't do his work in school he gets an IW in his folder and this month he has to do extra work at home. I've tried taking away his computer, his games, even watching television is taken away, but I'm at my wits end, he's still getting IW's(incomplete work) and I don't want it to start affecting his grades. Help!

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You did to discuss this with the school because really they have to follow through. Does your child have focussing difficulty had home also or is it just school? There are many things teachers can do to change the environment for the child to assist with attention. Location in the classroom helps, what the teachers have hanging around the room, extra cues when teaching, etc. At home if it is a problem also like others said have a good sleep pattern for your child, watch the foods you give your child (cut out food coloring). Change up physical activity with focus activities. For example make sure your child has time to run and play but then have them help read a recipe and make supper. Some children have to learn to stop and pay attention it doesn't always come naturally. And if making some simple changes doesn't help by all means consult a professional for further assistance.

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Have you had him evaluated? Hearing, eyes tested, school readiness test done? Full health test done - sugar, blood pressure etc.

We have 2 boys with ADD.....eliminate the problems and focus on where the concentration problem lies. Does he/she sleep well at night? Do they eat correctly at home and at school?(low blood sugar also causes lack of concentration)

Once ALL the above are sorted out, look at distractions at school like children sitting next to your child.(our eldest still gets distracted by certain kids)

Good luck!

Katherine - posted on 05/04/2009




My son had the same problem this school year. We decided to try out karate lessons to help him focus and calm his nerves. So far, it's working. I'm also assisting him on some of his schoolwork and limiting his TV time. We talk about his problems in school and discuss it with his teacher if there is any improvement.

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