My 7 yr old sees and hears spirits

Angela - posted on 06/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter has always has a gift I guess you would call it and has really made some believers out if people. I thought she would out grow it but she is seeing more and hearing more and she has even given me messages and known things that there is no way she could had known. I'm not sure how to help her understand it and now she has one she is scared of. I promise we are not crazy people. I just need to know if anyone has any advice


Kristen - posted on 06/10/2013




Yes I have advice... I have special children as well. We are pagan. When my children tell me there is an unwanted spirit we sage the house. We burn sage and take it and spread the smoke all through the house (don't work it's not like thick smoke or nothing just kinda like incent smoke) pay special attention to doors and windows and any rooms she sees the spirit the most. Have her do it with you and as you do it say out load that any negative spirits and energies are not welcome and must leave. Say that you are cleansing this house and only happy and positive energies are welcome. I actually had to do this for my daughter a week ago. I also sage my kids saying negative energies are not welcome around them. After doing it if you start to feel like you house is "heavy" with negative energies, like you feel like there is weight on you then you may need to do it again before those negative spirits feel welcome to come in again. I hope that this helps and am guessing you will be open to this since you do keep an open mind with your daughter. Also I would encourage you to Never discourage her from believing in what she can see. I think too many children lose this openness because of the "average" person can not except or grasp that there are spirits among us and some very special people can see and communicate with them .


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Firebird - posted on 06/11/2013




Sadly, it's likely that she will grow out of this. I'll keep it short since my advice is no different from Kristen's. I'm also a pagan and more than once my daughter has complained about a ghost in her room. One used to keep her up at night and after years of no problems she suddenly became afraid of the dark. So I use a sage smudge and cleanse the house regularly even if it's been a while since she's seen anything. She's still afraid of the dark but at least she's not up half the night talking to things I can't see.

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