My 7 yr old son doesn't want to see his father any more...

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My son is 7. For as long as he has started carrying on conversations he has told me that he hates going to his dad's, that he hates his dad, his dad doesn't pay attention to him, his dad makes him clean the house while his dad is on the computer, his dad makes him change his 3 year old brother's diapers... etc etc... the house is almost always a wreck, his dad is remarried and they have two kids together and you can tell that the kids run wild in the house, it's all tore up with toys every where and stickers pasted every where and food and crumbs EVERYWHERE! They clean it once in a while, but since the kids run wild they mess it up in no time. I just worry about having my kid over there and now my son's dad is asking for more time with him (more like demanding) but my son hates going over there and I have to drag him in every single time that we go there. I just don't know what to do, I have talked to other people and in this state a kid has to be 12 before he can go in front of the judge to demand that he not have to see his father if he doesn't want to. I just don't know what to do, our divorce papers say that we have joint custody and if I don't follow them then he has full right to get the law after me. Does any one have an experience of what you did? Also his father is wanting to home school our son so that we could have equal time with him, but I don't think his father has the ability to do homeschooling because he is not the least bit responsible and his whole family agrees with me in this....


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You do realize that you can file for sole custody or visitation rights? Call a family lawyer and talk to someone about your rights.

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