my 7mth old does not sleep well at all . maybe only a 30 min. during the day and is up about every hour at night. He has to sleep in car seat and when i lay him down he only sleeps like 10 min. He has sounded junkie since birth. His ped. told us he has athsma and started breathing treatments.I have done a little reserch and i think its reflux of some sort, but he never spits up. we are desperate to get sleep! any ideas ? please help!!!!!


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Cecilia - posted on 11/09/2013




I doubt it's acid reflux because that tends to calm down about 6 months. The reason is because they are usually sitting on their own and they are starting solid food.

If you want to try and see if it helps, make sure all bottles are fed while he is sitting up. Then he must stay upright for at least an hour after a bottle. This will help keep the milk in his belly and not creeping up in his throat, which hurts.

This will mean he can not lay down with a bottle to sleep. That might be hard for a 7 month old who might be used to doing so.

User - posted on 11/09/2013




have you tried to change is forumla? or not breast feed maybe something your feeding him his body cant handle if it was me i would pick one thing that your doing and take it away for 2 weeks see if there is any changes also have you tried changing the way you wash your clothes? id he sleeps better in a car seat then maybe its something in the soap you wash his clothes in that would make him need breathing treatments it could be soo many things wheat, candles, clothes soap, cleaning products is his bed under or near a vent for heater or air conditioner i had to go down the list for a unknown hives and my brothers kids went through sames as you r but 5 years later they found out there allergic to things hope i helped some a mommy of two

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