My 7yr dress like a boy and my ex-husband wants to stop her, can you help me?

Mary - posted on 08/22/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 7 year old daughter likes to dress like a boy. She likes boy clothes and I have no problem letting her wear them. I feel that she should wear what she feels comfortable in. My problem is that my ex-husband is getting re-married and now he has a problem with it. He is telling me that she cannot wear these clothes. He doesn't want me to buy her any more boy clothes or shoes. All he wants her to wear is girl things. He said that she should not be in anything boyish. He took our other kids school shoes and because she would not pick out girl shoes he would not purchase her shoes. She came home crying. How do I get him to understand that she is okay in what she is wearing? How do I make him understand? She wears girls clothes on special occasions but not everyday. Everyday is comfortable in boy clothes and that is who she is and I don't think anyone should change her. She decided this not me. How can I make him understand that this is who she is and he cant change her?
Help me and help my daughter!


Jodi - posted on 08/22/2012




Tell him that he can supply whatever clothes he chooses at his house, but that it really is none of his business how you and she choose to go shopping when she is in your care. Unfortunately, I am not sure you CAN make him understand because you can't control how someone else thinks. Just make sure you reassure your daughter that she is doing the right thing if that's what makes her happy.

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