My 8 mo old son keeps waking up at 4 am HELP

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He use to not do this he would wake up in am around 630 or 7. I am doing the cry out method but it takes a good 30 min to get him back to sleep. Of course I do this after I make sure he is not sick, wet, or ect. Any help how long will this last??? He could be cutting his top teeth but who knows


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Well, this may not be encouraging but my 22 mos son is in a cycle where he wakes up sometime around 3-4 and is AWAKE. He wants to play, is very talkative and usually is up for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Throughout his life he's been a baby who wakes often at night, I've just recently started night weaning in an effort to get him to sleep longer. Last night he didn't do that, but he was up for the day at 5:15. So, it is probably just a phase he going through. Perhaps teething, or if he's hitting a growth spurt he may be hungry.

I was reading an article by Dr Jay Gordon recently about babies and night time. He said that a baby OVER 12 mos can easily go 7 hours without calorie intake, but he specifies that babies younger than that shouldn't be expected to that long without nutrition. I don't know what time little man goes to bed or what your routine with him is, but just something to keep in mind. My guy goes down about 8pm, nurses about 11 and then I don't nurse him again until about 6am. He still wakes sometimes at night but I just usually rub his back and he falls back to sleep pretty quickly. In the morning when he nurses sometimes he goes back to bed and sometimes he is ready to get up. We co-sleep though, it makes life so much easier!

Don't know if any of that helped, but hope so!


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unfortunately when you have a baby, you cant guarantee any kind of sleep pattern, my first baby wanted to sleep 13 hours from 2 weeks old (as soon as she got on formula), I say wanted to because we had to wake her for feeds most of her life, and second baby, slept 5.5 hours the day she was born and continued her great sleeping then at 7 months old the nigth before my wedding coincidenatlly she started the 3-4am wake ups this lasted for one month, then at 8 months old she started the wake ups 3-4 times a night at around midnight, 2am, 5am etc. Now at 9.5 months old she has just I mean 2 days ago started sleeping right through the night again. So I have been up during the day for the past 2 months. It could be teething, but really, babies go through diffeent stages, it could also be if what hes eating is not filling him up, hes just hungry. I was told now that my daughetr is eating much more of our food, plus she is only breast feding so not quite as filling as formula, so she probably is hungry day and night because shes not eating enough during the day. Either way every baby is different. You can try settling him with a dummy (pacifier) this is what I was told or giving a cup of water

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Most parents have trouble with disrupted sleep in their babies at around 8-10 months. If they are good sleepers, they may start waking once or twice. If they weren't good sleepers to begin with, then everything goes heck. Or sometimes even good sleepers start waking 5-6 times a night! Early waking (for the day) around 4-5am is common too. Naps are also affected.

There are just so many developmental leaps happening around this time. Crawling, standing, walking, talking, separation anxiety, and complicated mental leaps (check out

It affects some babies harder than others. If your baby is only waking once, then maybe it's not affecting him too badly -- or perhaps it will get worse around 9 or 10 months. But it's totally normal and will pass.


The above part is scientific. This part is just my opinion so take it for what it's worth: I don't think you should CIO. Developmental leaps upset babies' worlds, everything is like new again, they feel insecure, and they have an instinct and compulsion to practice their new skills, even at night! -- I think they need lots of extra security, love, and understanding.

Babies become more wakeful around this time, like I said -- so if your son is waking at 4am, perhaps you could try a later bedtime? I've had luck with a later bedtime (8:30-9:30pm) during these sleep regressions. When my son starts to come out of them, he naturally starts sleeping more and earlier.

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