my 8 month old can't get comfortable in any car pls!


Christina - posted on 01/17/2010




It's so common, my youngest hated car seats, no matter what until after he faced forward then he was fine. is she sitting by herself in the back seat? She may feel lonely. If this is not the case, do you have a mirror for her to see herself, that helps with a lot of kids as well. You said she keeps moving her pelvis, she may not like the hardness of the bottom of the seats, they're not soft at all, I have an extra seat cover that is supposed to be for if they pee the seat, and it's really thick like a pillow, My kids both love it and have to have it on their seat. I have a whole lot going on in my car to keep them comfy and calm. I have done everything I've suggested to you. lol I know it sounds crazy but it is what it is.. lol good luck.

Danielle - posted on 01/17/2010




my son is 11 months old and recently started doing this as well. we thought he was uncomfortable but later figured out he just needed something to occupy him. my son personally like music on...thats what relaxes him and what he uses for his quiet "him" time.

Have you tried toys? music? maybe even a little snack ( my son loves gerber graduate puffs)?

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Kara - posted on 01/17/2010




Our son sometimes tolerates his car seat...other times you'd swear we were torturing him. We found we needed to occupy him with a toy and music...then he relaxed. I hope that's the case for your babe.

Sylvia - posted on 01/17/2010




My DD HATED her carseat when she was a baby. Hated it. Almost from birth, she would freak out the second any part of her body touched the seat, and scream practically the entire time she was in it. She had exactly the same reaction to the stroller. We never really figured out what the problem was, but whatever it was, she grew out of it eventually.

I'm not sure how much help this is going to be, but basically our solution was to put her in the car as little as possible. If for some reason we had to go somewhere in the car, we tried to keep the trips short (under 15 minutes). We sang songs she liked to distract her. I sat in back with her where she could see me, and let her suck on my finger (she never took a pacifier, thank goodness, and obviously I couldn't nurse her while riding in the car...). But mostly, we didn't drive much.

With our next baby, if we're lucky enough to have one, we won't have this problem, since we no longer have a car :) I realize this solution may not work in all living situations, though...

Nikki - posted on 01/17/2010




my son does that when we buckle him in but once we start driving he settles, music does work wonders for us tho he has a few songs in particular in which he could be screaming crying and instantly he will be calm, toys also work and sometimes i give him a bottle and he goes to sleep

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