My 8 Months Old will only take her solids if I mix it with her formula bottle

Zulivette - posted on 07/27/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been trying to get her to eat her solids with a spoon, but she will only have like 6 tsp of her food. My mom suggested to mix the food and her formula and give it to her on her bottle so she would get all the nutrients. She loves it this way, but I worry she would not learn how to eat her food the proper way.


Chet - posted on 07/27/2013




From six to twelve months the purpose of solids is to practise. Unless your baby has a health issue that requires it you shouldn't mix anything like cereal or other solid food into their bottle. There is nothing wrong with an eight month old who will only take six bites from a spoon in one sitting. You could try her with some finger foods and see if she's interested in that. Don't put extras in the bottle though. Doing this means that she is not practising with a spoon or with feeding herself (which are skills she needs to learn), and it can cause her to overeat (since you're increasing the caloric density of what's in the bottle and since it's look she can consume more calories more quickly than if she was eating solids from a spoon or by feeding herself).

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