My 8 year old absolutely refuses to do the incentive spirometer

Dana - posted on 04/09/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 8 year old daughter had an open heart surgery, and this is her 3rd day post op. She absolutely refuses to do the incentive spirometer. We tried alternatives, such as blowing balloons, balloon and straw races, straw painting, kazoos, colorful pinwheel, party blowers, blowing up plastic gloves, (than she gets to decorate them) but that didn't help. She will blow bubbles, but she will not do it slow. We tell her she needs to blow the bubbles slowly, but she refuses. Yesterday I paused the DVD until she decided to deep breathe slowly, so the DVD was paused for 6 hours while I kept prompting her, until I decided to give up (after 6 hours). While the DVD was paused, I only told her twice that I will play the DVD once she blows the bubbles slowly and coughs. She does receive pain medication, and we know this is behavioral. Previously I and my husband offered to buy her the toy she really wanted and we tried reward charts, and behavior therapists, which all didn't work. Prior to the surgery we met with a physiotherapist who was supposed to teach us the breathing exercises she would need to do. She refused to practice or talk to the therapist, (they even gave us another therapist after 2 1/2 hours of not cooperating) and a play therapist came in (didn't help either), so after 5 hours we quit. She is doing well in most other areas, but isn't taking her recovery and health seriously. What do I do about this issue?


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