My 8 year old boy is a whiny show off. Help!!

Amanda - posted on 08/15/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So, show off may be a little extreme! He has a hard time trying to relate to other kids with out sounding like he is bragging or like he thinks he can do what ever they are better... I need to help him with his communication skills I feel like I have talked to him about so much there isn't much more I could say!! He also whines if gets in trouble or doesn't get what he wants. A really big issue is that he is with his dad two days a week ( joint custody) during that time his father gives in to the whining, he also thinks it's funny when my son brags about his gadgets or being better at sports he almost encourages it. His father will not change so I have to figure out a way to teach him these things are unacceptable.


Shelly - posted on 08/17/2016




Hi Amanda, Kids are all so different and if your son feels that he is not fitting in, then he may try and over compensate for that by bragging about himself. I’m attaching a link to an article from Focus on the Family about making friends… I hope it helps. It focuses on the positives of the qualities necessary for making and keeping friends. I know this wasn’t your direct question but giving our kids the tools needed to form good relationships is important. I know sometimes I would focus too much on telling my kids what they shouldn’t do instead of giving them ideas of what they could do. I also think getting your son involved in some type of community service is always a positive thing. It teaches them that there are always others worse off then themselves and also teaches compassion for others in need… and it is always such a blessing to give of ourselves to others. Just one hour a week would go a long way... And it may help with the whining which would be a bonus :) When my kids were younger they loved listening to Adventures in Odyssey (also from Focus on the Family)… it has fun stories acted out in drama that teach great values and the kids just love listening to them. They are really great on road trips too. You can listen to them at You sound like a great mom… hugs!

Sarah - posted on 08/15/2016




If he isn't listening to what you are trying to teach him, maybe he needs an actual lesson in humility and gratitude. I have taken my kids to volunteer at homeless shelters, and serve meals and clean up at soup kitchens. If they bragged about belongings, I would consider taking it away or even making him give it to the less fortunate. Whining may work with dad, but you don't have to tolerate it at all. Tell him that unless he can speak to you in a reasonable tone and manner, you will not respond or have anything to say back to him. Bragging to his friends will probably correct when his friends start getting annoyed and choosing to interact with him when he goes on about himself.
Being proud of yourself is not a bad thing, it's just how you handle yourself. My 12yo daughter was asked to play on the all boys soccer team because she is talented. She gets asked why she is the only girl on the team often and she is honest, "because I play well and the coach asked me to play with the boys".


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