my 8 year old is thinking about not wearing cop tops anymore and wants a real bra is this normal and should i get one bra for her??????????????

Alexandra - posted on 12/02/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




my daughter who is 8 is wearing crop tops now and shes thinking shes getting to big for them i dont know what to do she really wants one


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Ariana - posted on 12/03/2012




You could get her a training bra if she wants one, I don't think it's a big deal, but she's obviously not big enough for a regular bra.

Why is she thinking she's getting to big? You could explain to her all about it and why people need bras (for support not really as a symbol that she's 'older').

I would just talk to her and say she's not really busty enough for a real bra but you could get her 1 training bra to let her check it out, just for fun.

Innocentglitter - posted on 12/03/2012




Unless she is developing she doesn't need a bra. Also at eight she doesn't really need a training bra even. She is a little girl maybe in a few years get her started on bras and what not, but for right now don't allow her to try and grow up to fast.

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