My 8 year old wants to go alone or to meet a neighbor at our local park. Too young??

Angie - posted on 07/09/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




We have a park close to our house (3 houses down) and my 8 year old asks quite a bit if he can go alone to play or go to meet a neighbor at the park. He has a watch, is responsible with time and knows all the stranger danger rules. It's a close community and I can see most of the park from my back yard but I'm not 100% sure about it. Of course peple tell me it's no big deal and to let him go to learn some independence and then others who are absolutely against it and would never allow it. What do you think???


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Krista - posted on 07/11/2012




It depends on the neighbourhood and on the child. Your kid sounds savvy and responsible, and your neighbourhood sounds safe, so I would go for it. Maybe just try short periods at first until you get used to it.

Stifler's - posted on 07/11/2012




I would let them if it's only 3 houses down I played in the park as a kid and rode my bike down there to meet a girl who lived at the other end of the street

Alisha - posted on 07/10/2012




I would say NO WAY! There are too many child molestors out there watching parks and schoolgrounds. You just never know. If you are not 100% ok with it, then don't do it. Don't let other people talk you into something you are not comfortable doing, he is your child. You could always bring something to work on while you go to the park with them. 8 years old is too young in my opinion.

Kelina - posted on 07/10/2012




I think it depends on the neighborhood and how crowded to park is. It's easy for a large group of friends to lose track of one child, or for a child to disappear in a crowded park, but if it's a pretty safe neighborhood where everyone knows every one and you trust him I think it's probably ok. You'll get those who are in both camps. I also think it depends on your son. I have an eight year old nephew whom I wouldn' trust going to the park on his own but there have been 8 year olds I've babyat that I did trust.

Michelle - posted on 07/09/2012




I was letting my son go to the park directly down the road from our house when he was 4 and 5 I could see him from my front step and like you a very close nit neighborhood everyone knew everyone else so I really didn't worry about him as long as I knew who was at the park. I was letting him walk to school on his own when he was 6 and it was 3 blocks away. My son knows all the danger rules and what is ok and what is not. He is now 11 and rides public transit to his school which is about an hour away from our home.

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