my 8 yr. old son is taking zoloft for ocd/anxiety he also has adhd (he is currently not on meds for that though. he is extremely aggressive and acting out . I dont know if it is from the zoloft or not . does anyone have any advice or experience with this. PLEASE!


Adrienne - posted on 08/06/2012




i also want to add that he is in group therapy and sees a psychiatrist. Nothing is helping we have behaviour charts at home, i take away priveleges, and no results. he was on concerta for 6 months it helped alot then he got really moody and irritable so we took him off and then the anxiety/ocd started, really really bad, so we finally started the zoloft 3 weeks ago, his anxiety/ocd is slightly better, but he is just being so defiant and mean and aggressive. Any advice or experience would be welcomed. we are thinking of putting him back on concerta as we did not have these issues so bad while he was on it, especially since school will be starting in 3 weeks, i am not looking forward to another nightmare year. thanks

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