My 8yr Old Daughter Keeps getting ill.?

Maria - posted on 04/14/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi my daughter has been Gettin ill. Beginning of March she had Ear Infection. A wk later Tonsillitus then a wk after That Ear Infection Again.! And Now She Has Sickness & Diorreea.? I'm goin 2 take her bk 2 the Doctors 2mro. And Demand She Has A Blood Test.!! I'm just so fed up with my poor Little Girl Being Unwell all the Time.!!


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Rebekah - posted on 04/14/2013




I agree with Jodi...good chance its a reaction to the antibiotics. Is she still on the antibiotics? Its probably good just to check in with the dr, but just some helpful advice if they also think its due to the meds... when my son has to go on antibiotics, I load him with yogurt every day and a probiotic (we use Culturelle, a product in the for children). A probiotic helps put the "good" bacteria back in the digestive system. It worked pretty well to prevent those unfortunate side effects. Poor girl...I hope she feels better soon.

Maria - posted on 04/14/2013




Hi Jodi my Daughter is 8yrs Old.. She was Given AntiBiotics 4 Tonsillitus but she Either Refused Or Spat it out Because she didn't like the Taste.. So wen I took her 2 the Doctors a Week later she had an Ear Infection. I told the Doc She Wouldn't take the last Antibiotics 4 her Tonsillitus. So he Prescribed Amoxacillin ( Banana ) Flavour.. She Took it with No Problem wat so ever.. Then Her Ear Perferated.. So was havin Antibiotics & Paracetamol.. She seemed & Felt Better.. Until we went away 2 Cornwall on Monday by Early Hours Weds Mornin she was Being Sick.. This Lasted all Wednesday until late Evening.. Thursday she was her Normal Self.. We came home on Friday, but Saturday Mornin she had Diarrhoea all Day.. I am takin her 2 see the Doctor 2mro... My Daughter has Never been this ill in all her 8yrs of her Life.. :(

Jodi - posted on 04/14/2013




If she is already on antibiotics for her ear infection and tonsillitis (I am only making an assumption), antibiotics actually kill of the good stomach bacteria too, so it isn't uncommon to feel a bit unwell in the gut following a course of antibiotics. This is the reason I tend to resist the antibiotics until I can see that the body isn't fighting the infection itself. Chances are she doesn't need a blood test.

You haven't mentioned how old your daughter is and whether she is in school. It is also very common when they are young and first start attending daycare or school that they tend to pick up anything going around.

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