My 8yr old son has to vomit when he feels nervous please help me i don't know what do to

Karina - posted on 08/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello I have an 8yr old son that ever since he started pre school he seemed to always wanting to vomit before starting school. It has been happening over 5 yrs already it seems like it never goes away. It only happens during the first two weeks of the school year i dont know if its the fact that he doesnt know who his teacher will b how will she be. I font know what to do i feel so bad for him because i cant give him any breakfast during the first week of school i need some advice help on what to do as a mother how can i help him to relax? Thank you


Chet - posted on 08/06/2013




Can you work with the school on this? The teachers are usually at the school preparing things well before classes start. Maybe you could arrange for him to meet the teacher and see his classroom early. Also, the first few days are super crazy. Maybe instead of going into the school with the whole mass of excited children it would help if he went into the class early, by himself and had a few quiet minutes to settle in. Maybe he could take a friend with him. I'm sure if you talked to the school counsellor or psychologist they would have some ideas.

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