my 9 mo girl wakes up almost every hour and a half crying she is a breastfed baby and is eating table food is that normal????


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Oh, I also agree w/ Marina that it could be teething. Nursing was how my son dealt w/ teething though. ;)

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Sounds like it could be teething. I give Motrin when my daughter is acting like that, and it usually gives her a pain free night of sleep. She is teething quite a bit now. She is 15 months....but 9 months is definitely in the normal range for cutting.

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Don't know about the 3 year old, but my son didn't sleep through the night more than a half a dozenish random times until he was 2. He would wake to nurse anywhere from once all the way up to five times! He also wasn't eating on a daily basis til around a year though... and would still have some breastmilk only days while sick or teething til a year and a half. He has no night problems now and he's 3.5. It just took him a while.

My best friend and her husband have night issues (not EVERY night... I think) w/ all 3 of their boys... 4.5, 2.5, and 10 months. What will work for one kid/family might not necessarily work for another.

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She's not hungry, she just doesn't know how to put herself back to sleep without her pacifier which is probably you. When she wakes up at night wait until she is really crying. Don't go to her if she is only whimpering or making sounds. If she starts crying hard, then go to her. Tell her its bedtime, lay her down, tuck her in. If she continues crying, wait about 10 minutes, then the next time you go to her, just lay her back down, but don't talk to her or engage with her. Keep doing this until she goes to sleep. The first night will take the longest and will be the most frustrating for you. If you give in just once and give her the breast, the process will take twice as long the next time. She will start to learn that when she wakes up, she can put herself to sleep and doesn't need the breast in order to go to sleep. She has jumped to a developmental stage where she knows that you exist outside even when she doesn't see you. Everyone wakes up in the night, we turn over, change position, etc., but we don't remember because we can put ourselves back to sleep without a pacifier of some sort (hopefully we don't get up and raid the frig every hour). This is very common for kids this age to start waking up and calling out again. If they are given the breast, a bottle, or whatever, they learn to rely on that to put them back to sleep.


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i do think it has to do with moving i just moved to a new city and it started around the same time and my 3 yr usually sleeps through the night and if it is just the move it should end soon hopfully (fingers crossed) thkx all you mommies for your wonderful input and insight..have an awsome week!!!

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I agree with Marina my daughter did this while she was teething. It was actually the only way we knew she was teething because she seemed fine during the day. Tylenol didn't do anything to help in the middle of the night but it helped get her settled down to go to bed. In my daughters case once the teeth came through she went back to her normal sleeping patterns.

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'Normal' is different for every child. Has the baby always woken this often? Or is it a new thing? There is a developmental spurt that happens around that 9-10mth mark that will often interfere with sleep for a few weeks. A baby who was previously sleeping 12hrs will suddenly be waking several times... either for comfort or hunger.

And then of course it could also be teething.

Does the 3yo wake this often every single night?

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