My 9 Month old had a CT Scan 2 days Ago and i cant stop thinking that its all my fault i cant stop blaming myself for exposing him yo Radiation...he fell off the bed at night i breastfeed and i honestly dont know how he fell im always so careful with him and took him into the ER to make sure everything was ok and they couldnt see the xray clearly (they couldnt make out a small thin line on skull) so they decided to do a CT scan after reading all the bad on CT scans i cant sleep or seem to think about anything other than my baby is going to have cancer and it was all my fault :( i cant help but cry everytime i think about that scary vist to the ER!!! IS one Ct enough to get cancer later in his life..someone help i cant cope with husbands says im thinking too much...idk what to think anymore..


Michelle - posted on 03/01/2015




Calm down.
1 CT scan hasn't condemned your child to cancer.
I suggest you stop reading all the horror stories on the internet and do what you can to make sure he doesn't fall off the bed again.

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