My 9 month old still not sleeping through the night,HELP?

Zoey - posted on 01/10/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am still BF my son, and yes he eats solids but is still not sleeping through the night , I am going to go nutso! I want to sleep 8 hrs straight please. Does anyone have any advice?? People have said I am suppose to let him "cry it out" Do I want my son to be crying for 4 hrs ? No. Soo Help me.


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Lori - posted on 01/11/2011




I did what Kelley Russel says for my sons naptime and it worked to get him in a schedule for when naptime is. So i know it definately works. Try it and hopefully you will have success. Good luck!!

Kelly - posted on 01/11/2011




By three months mine were sleeping through the night and I breast fed. by 6 months and maybe earlier I was getting 12 hour nights and 2 naps in the day. This was all three of mine. Your child, especially now that they are getting solids, will continue to get you up until you call a halt to it. ALL kids wake up in the night and need to learn to sooth themselves and return to sleep. You child does not need that calories at night anymore so the nightime feedings are only emotional. He wakes up and nursing and cuddling with mom sounds great so he cries, you come and all is great. He does need to cry it out and no it won't be for 4 hours. My son after being sick around 8 mos. starting waking up and crying all over again but I had been getting up with him while he was sick. So he continued that pattern after being ill. Doc told me to let him cry. Go in after 10 mins of crying and use whatever words you use for bedtime. It's "night-night" time or the familar words. Go in the room and from the door say the words. DO NOT pick them up or touch them and walk out. Do this again in 10 mins. This process is only to reassure them so they aren't frightened when you don't show up but also you are setting a rule or boundry that it is night time and it's sleeping time. Not eating time. Repeat the 10 mins until they fall asleep. Ususally took my a half hour and going in there 3 times but I just sat outside the door on the stairs and waited. This was not easy at all. He pitched a fit and was very upset but the whole thing lasted all of 5 nights maybe a week at most and he then understood. My husband was furious and said the Pediatrician didn't know what he was talking about but ate humble pie less than a week later. If you start this and then give in you will only make it worse and harder to ever accomplish this. Plus it is cruel to your child to send those mixed messages. If you can't stand firm then don't bother starting it and he will continue to get you up as he pleases and you may face a bigger battle when you quit nursing.

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lol I am sorry but my 2nd oldest daughter was sleep through the night by 2 weeks old. All but one was sleeping through the night by 6 mos. old. My last child is 3 and still wakes up at night. lol It is pretty much a habit. She gets up, gets a drink of my ice water I keep by the bed, I help her to the potty since we put the dogs bed there, (his kennel as he is a big dog) then she gets another drink of ice water and goes back to bed. She does all of this at about 12-1am every night without fail. :) lol She did sleep through the night for a while but then when she potty trained herself at 16-18 mos. she has become obsessed about not wetting the bed so she gets up every night to go.

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