My 9 month old will not sleep through the night, what can i do to get her to sleep through?


Elfrieda - posted on 08/01/2012




My son still woke up hungry at that age, but I hate getting up out of a deep sleep and he was always upset and wide awake by the time I dragged myself over to his crib with a bottle and then it was hard to make him fall asleep again. Instead of doing that, I chose the time that he would wake up. I woke him up and fed him before I went to bed and that way he was able to sleep through until morning without being hungry. And this way he didn't really wake up, he just sort of blearily looked around, saw that there was a bottle there, drank it, threw it out of the crib, and went back to sleep. It was like a nice dream for him. :)

If she's waking up because of hunger, I'd definitely recommend you try that.


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Viridiana - posted on 08/01/2012




I have a 7mo old and she has been sleeping through the night since she was 4mo. What my husband and i did was follow w/ a consistant plan. Now, since she has her own nursery we laid her there at nap time around 2pm ish and then at night time around 9pm. At first she cried but if her needs are met such as she ate, shes burped, has no fever then we let her cry it out....about 15 to 30 min increments. What helped was that she needs her blanket and she sucks on that instead of a pacifier. she never liked the pacifier. So, after 2 weeks of this plan she was good to sleep through the night. And please NOTE: For moms who do not approve of this plan or find it somewhat offensive like there always is some parents who are too overboad w their children please dont judge us. We are great parents who try our best to parent OUR children.

anyways, take care and good luck with your little one :)

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