My 9 week old baby has GERD and I am losing my mind. I have tried four different formulas, he is on zantac, I put ceral in his milk, I feed him a little bit of solid food to make it stick. He has the silent reflux and it is awful, I have did everything there is the 5's , soft music, low lights, upright postion for feeding. I am exhausted and I am a full time mom and I had to take a leave of absence, I just want my life back of somewhat. I have a seven year old and I can not even spend quality time with her, this baby cries all the time.


Dora - posted on 05/11/2012




I would get a 2nd opinion. Make sure your baby doesn't have a milk protein allergy. My 2nd son cried all the time 24/7. My husband and I didn't know why. He would just started screaming at the top of his lungs while holding him. After seeing 4 different doctors, we finally came across a doctor who told me to stop all dairy because she really believed our son had the milk protein allergy. I had to stop all dairy because I breast feed. So I stopped all dairy including Soy because soy has the same proteins that milk has. After 1wk it felt as though we had a new baby. He stopped crying non-stop. He started smiling. When you held him he was comforted instead of screaming in our ears. I know its a shot in the dark but give it a try. Ask you doctor if this could be the case with your little one. Another symptom was constant congestion. Just so you know your baby does not need to have blood in their stool to prove they have an allergy. Good luck and I feel for you after going through it myself. Also don't let anyone tell you it is just colic and to deal with it. I don't believe in colic. There is a reason why a baby cries. It's our job to find out why. We were going on month 4 before we even found out about the allergy.


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Anita - posted on 02/26/2013




I have a 9 week old and we found out he has the milk allergy and reflux. Taking medicine for reflux and allementum formula. Im not seeing a huge difference. He's still crying constantly. Did you try the colloidal silver? I'm doing the best I can and continue to go and call the doctors with all questions and concerns. Let me know! Thanks!!

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My now 2 year old had GERD and was Lactose-intolerant. We put her on soy formula thickened with oatmeal, and she was on prevacid. IT WAS A MIRACLE. About every 4-6 months we switched from prevacid to xantac because they work differently. She also slept on her stomach so we got the Angel monitor that would sound if she stopped breathing for more than 20 seconds. We fed her in 2oz incriments so yes it took more time but my gosh she was happier and everything was easier. We would put her in the bouncer loungy thingy when we were working with our older one and she did great. At first they just diagnosed the GERD it took an extra 2 weeks to figure out she was lactose-intolerant also.

She out grew the Lactose-intolerance about 14 months and the GERD only flairs up every now and then so we have xantac for when she needs it. Good luck if you want to talk about it or have any questions you can always message me. Trust me I know it sucks now but once your past it,it seems so minor.

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get some soverign silver ( colidal silver) and treat this acid reflux. Get rid of it. Look up about colidal silver treating acid reflux and colidal silver cures on acid reflux. It is natural and safe for children. I've given it to my 3 month old.It is like antibiotic that isn't like manmade medicine. SOme manmade medicines will not work and cause more problems. Colidal silver isn't like manmade medicines. Read up on it. people used this stuff since the 1800's and has cured and treated diseases. There are testimonials of people that has treated various things. I use this stuff and i know it works.
Get rid of your problem,get some soverign silver. If on medicines, that could be causing more problems for your little one.You can buy soverign silver online at IHERB.COM

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