My 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD.

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I knew something was wrong when she was 4 years old. then we just did therapy and thats its been 1 1/2 years now that she has been on meds and some days are good and some are bad. I feel with her she struggles alot with school and a lot at home with me. I feel its a power struggle between the both of us. she feels she is right and she knows whats best for her but I know whats best and she needs to listen to me. I have tried so many things but it only keeps her interested for a while then she gets bored with it real fast and I have to try something new. I'm truly stress and feel very alone in the process. I just want whats best for her. she is very disrespectful to me and very rude. I need HELP!


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Okay well first of all I don't know how truly hard what your going through is as my child is only 6mo and she is fine she doesn't have this but how ever my brother does he struggled with Autistic behavior and ADHD as the oldest of the three I know how hard it was on my mum having to deal with him since he was very little I'm 2 years older than him and I noticed he was very hyper and such very young but I didn't understand why as now my younger sister has a son with ADHD I have a clearer view of it all being lot older.My bed kept him on a schedule a very strict schedule and we always stuck to it his day was planned out to a T she you'd to make big obstacle courses for him and have lots of little toys that he could play with although things didn't have his attention for very long they did for a little bit as for he evening rude my brother was also so my mum did time out taking away toys etc but she was consistent always! She stuck to the same thing because people with ADHD generally don't like change at all! My mum sister and I were talking just the other day as my mum told my sister that being consistent strict an patient will help her a LOT through this! Also she took him to a psychiatrist she didn't like that ad it didn't work for her and him but my sister did and it really worked for her the psychiatrist would give her advice and tell her how to handle certain situations most worked some didn't I mean you just have to do what works for you.I know I can't truly understand what your goin through buts and my brother were very close and he always hated how my mum would lose her temper with him when he was hyper and such he toys to say at as your as 10 I know I'm different but I can't help it sometimes I feel like mum doesn't love me as much as you and Alexa (my sister) because your normal and I ain't.i felt so bad for him and I know it was a struggle for a long time until atlast we found a schedule,routine,punishment and lifestyle that worked for him he is 18 now and he is in school doing a Art course that he loves o bits and goes to every day! He lives with his girlfriend who is 3 months pregnant so I think that shows you that if you stick to it and find what works for you she will be okay because my brother is doing great.he will has his days he isn't perfect but who is? And a for my nephew he is a little bundle of joy with a big personality my sister is still finding a good routine for him but the meeting with the Psychiatrist has really helped him!

Hoped this helped just a little bit and I hope you find a way that works for you.Your a good mommy and your little girl will always love you more than anything no matter what.I believe she will be just fine have a lovely day and I hope you find your way of getting by :)

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