My 9 year old daughter is having anxiety issues to the point of panic attacks. Has anyone else dealt with this?


Samantha - posted on 06/18/2011




as a young child i did. i was severly afaid of being alone in my house and my grandparents, school washrooms etc. by alone i mean if i went downstairs to grab a pop someone had to come with me. i have no idea why, maybe a scary movie, but quite possibly because of family issues. my mom was mildly abusive, but that ended before the fear started. i slowly grew out of it, it lasted into my teens. i was later diagnosed with boarderline personality dissorder, anxiet issues included. maybe taking her to talk to someone? or trying to get her to explain what makes her feel the anxiety and what shes thinking about before/during the panic attacks, all you can do is ask questions and be there for her..

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