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My son is 9 and has adhd turrets and ocd i am going out of my mind with him one minute he is fine the next he is so out of control its crazy. I live with my handicapped mother, my daughter who also has add but her's is the hyper. He is attached at the hip with me one minute and the next he turns. He doesn't forget a thing but has a terriable time in school he is in a special class with a every added extra thing there is. He is on adderall 15 mg ritilin 5 during the day and intuitiv at 6pm nothing is helping at all he turns into a mainic and so out of control its very very hard to deal with. Is anyone in the same boat i really dont know what to do and am at my wits end.


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I would consider either getting a trusted friend/family member or a babysitter/respite carer to give you a break every once in a while.

Either once a week or a weekend a month, something where you can have a break and try to regroup away from your son. Having some time away can be really beneficially for when you're with him. Children take up our energy. It's usually that the younger the child the more energy they drain from us, but this also occurs with children who have extra needs or behavioral problems. You have to constantly be on top of them. Getting a well-needed break while he's with someone you trust will go a long way to you not burning out.

I wish I could give more specific advice but with all these conditions there are so many different issues that must be going on. I would try to make plans for how to handle each situation/behavior and try to get him to open up about his feelings and see how he can help. It's difficult to know how much he knows he can get away with and how much he really can't control. I think having consistant discipline that happens immediately can have a good effect for if he's doing something severe (hitting, tantrums etc.).

You may want to go to some family councelling where they can help your son and daughter learn to deal with their diagnoses and also help you find ways to cope as well as help them.

You might also want to take a karate program with your kids (or have them go). Martial arts can be very good for self-control and self-esteem. I've known kids who are considered 'bad' kids thrive in martial arts if they get a good instructor as well as get taken to the classes on a consistant basis. It's great for kids who don't necessarily do well in school or home settings because it tends to be very structured and no one is judged based on how they do in school or any of that. That's something I've seen anyway, even a one night a week program can be very helpful.

You may also want to teach him to go to his room if he's starting to become out of control. Even if that means that when you request he goes to his room if he doesn't he ends up on lock-down for the rest of the day with no privilages until he realizes if you say it's time to go to his room he has to. If you get this established that way if he's starting to lose control of himself or have a tantrum you can get him in his room where he will (hopefully) not be able to harm others or property. It will also help you by getting rid of any negative attention he's possibly getting and teach him it's ok to leave a situation if he knows he's starting to lose control.

You should also talk to him about what set him off and how he's feeling after an incident and ask him how he may have handled it differently.

Whatever happens you should definitely get some outside support so that you don't burn-out. I hope that things work out!

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