my 9 year old wants to shave her legs because kids at school tease her. they are extremely hairy, but dont think shes old enough, but dont want her to become self-conscious because of it.


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When it was time for me to start ridding my legs of hair, my Mum got me a depilitory cream. They are easy to use, work pretty well and you won't need to stress about her using a razor.

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My mom gave me an electric razor, one that cut the hairs down but not shaving them to the skin. Let her try that first and then when she sees what a chore it can become she may change her mind orchestra may ask for the real deal. If she does ask for the real deal do it with her the first time, that way she cn watch and learn and you can bond with her at her joyous transition into a lady.

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If she is getting teased about it and already is feeling self conscious about it, why not let her try it supervised. I think I was about 11, and honestly I just stole my sister's razor. I would cut my self a lot, since no one was there to teach me how. I think it was about 6 months later when summer came that my mom realized it and showed me how.

For something like this, it is always better to allow it supervised than to have her sneak it and hurt herself, because she doesn't know how.

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