My 9 yr old daughter will NOT flush her b.m.'s!!!!

Sonya M - posted on 08/04/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello Moms!!
U have no idea how absolutely relieved I am to read that there are Moms out there dealing with these issues. My daughter is now 9 and has had hesitation to flushing her b.m.'s since she first used the toilet. WHAT IS THIS? Can I also say I have never said a thing to anyone except ,of course, my husband, who just says its a phase.....yea...7 yrs???
I took my daughter to the dr just 3 days ago for what we think is pink eye...and I almost said something to her Dr., but did not want to humiliate her infront of a stranger...well...not stranger, but u know what I mean. I will ADMIT I have gone cookoo about this. I find myself without any patience at all when i walk i 1 of the 3 bathrooms in our home and find that!!! She flushes her urine....not all the time, but definatley 80% more thasn the B>M>!!!
I get ashamed after yelling at her...I ask her..over and over why she wont do it...and she just stares at me....I cannot get any answer......7 yrs...nothing!!!

I may as well tell the other few things occurring lately. She has almost backslid...NOW getting her to brush her teeth in floss...anything...she says she forgot, but I know she never even hit the hand washing..face washing...even brushing her hair??????

She is vibrant...loves to play..go to our community beach...lots of stuff...smiles alot, but she has been obstinant at the very same time. Does this sound like u as well?
I fell horrid that I lose control and yell, but it has been so many years...and now the teeth....and will NOT pick up clothes from her floor and put in the hamoer right next to her bed for ANYTHING. It just seems as if it is getting way...way worse. We did not have a nice home the first few yrs of her ife...I had to give up a career that wud have ke0t me away too much from a baby. So, I took a HUGE pay cut. We have recently (1 yr 3 mnths) moved back to my hometowen after having to live in an area much cheaper...and not as 2 hours away from our family. She was raised in the other place when I told her we wud be moving to our families hometown of Annapolis...she was soooo thrilled. There is so much more to do i am trying to understand why some things are backsliding. We are in a beautiful home...wonderful neighbors...all families who have lived around here for generations...our family 5 mins away now. She can ride a bike safely here...go for walks with friends here....etc. If it sounds like I am boasting....I AM NOT! I am simply explaining that we had soo sooo little for years...and now she ghas her own bathroom! SOmething I never had growing up...and I do take pride in keeping the home nice and am so happy to be able to give her nicer things and freedom. I guess I just wonder why all this is still happening and the other stuff is starting up?
I ask her often about if she likes it here...and if she wud want to return to hagerstwon..(NOT THAT I WUD EVER GO BACK) she is very, very insistent...NO WAY...I never wanna leave Annapolis!!!
So-----just curious if anyone has found a solution?? I know it is most likey best to talk to her Dr alone. I thought about it on Friday when we were there for the pink eye.

I am really trying to raise her with consistency and good I am not do not think that. We have fun and make lots of messes...and I am certainly not a snob....we live life pretty normal...have a kitty cat that is spoiled rotten...and I even have begun having her feed Milo hus dinner. Which consists of opening fridge..and giving him the other 1/2 of can. I still have to tell her 4pm. She is always late coming from play outside...and has a watch.
I suppose its a kids right to be messy...messy is fine....but the things I am worried about is hygene now. I do not want her to be the brunt of some cruel kids making fun of her because she ALSO wont WIPE WELL. So, her undies have marks in them.

I have bought everything to make it a little easir...toilet wipes...etc. I make her shower DAILY..of course, but if I didnt tell her...she probably wud not for a few days.



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