my adult daughter is a narcissist

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how do you talk to a narcissist? All they want to do is go on and on and on about things that might have happened years ago. Ridiculously small little things. I've cow tailed, bowed down, and apologized for made up things. She goes on about how we've never loved her enough, never shown her that we love her. She didn't want to be a mother had three children in a row that I have happily raised for the last two and a half years and the youngest is 2. I continually contacted her for events and things going on to try to keep them in her life. I never seemed legal guardianship because she would insist that we hated her and would teach the girls to hate her. She recently took them away saying that I was disloyal and I don't respect her, because I told her that for the first time ever we would be claiming the girls on our taxes. She said she's quitting her job to take care of them and that her boyfriend will help. My heart is broken. I've tried over and over again just being kind and nice and taking it. I don't know what to do. I'm worried for my grandkids ages 2 3 & 4 in a one bedroom apartment.I don't think she'll hurt them but they just shouldn't have to live that way. She's so short tempered yells all the time has alienated all of her friends neighbors moves continually because all of her landlords are "bad". Nothing is ever her fault everywhere she goes anything she does is the fault of everyone she's around. This boyfriend seems like a decent guy seems like he wants to help with the children but he believes all that she said to him the last 2 years so we are the enemy.

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