My adult son I'm ready to leave

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I can't take it anymore I need serious heart to heart advice because I'm almost ready to quit my job and relocate. He is now 21 and I didn't notice anything until last year. I met my current boyfriend one of the nicest people in the world. I lived in a crime ridden neighborhood in a small city where young boys were being gunned down daily. I developed anxiety because of it and my boyfriend told me to move me and my sons with him which is heaven compared to that hell hole. I moved them almost a hour away for their safety and my oldest son loves it he works everyday he's 24 and he been given merit awards, respectful, loving he's been through a lot with multiple operations due to his cleft lip and open palate but the other one has become a cruel, evil monster. He decided to live in my old empty house, he hates my boyfriend who tries so hard, he's apparently been dipping in various drug use, he has walked away from jobs like they were standing in line for him to choose the one he wants. He slams my door when he gets out my car when I sacrifice my lunch breaks to take him to work, I feed him on my lunch breaks I try so hard to talk positivity in him and just when I think he gets it the cycle repeats. He barely speaks to my mom and Grandmom even though they have their ways still it should be respect always. He curses in front of me and this is a everyday thing for the past 3 years when he get ticked he starts to blame me and his dad for his current predicament every though he's 21 and tells me as a parent you still need to take care of your kid but yet he quit jobs, good jobs Home Depot, ups, target, warehouse jobs, wegmans you name it. I feel my only escape is to disappear and he even threathen to rob his own dad. I'm the ONLY one talks to period pleas help


Dove - posted on 10/27/2015




He's 21. It's time for him to man up and take responsibility for his own actions.

MaryAnn - posted on 10/27/2015




How is your relationship with your ex? Can you tell him about your sons feelings without making him feel blamed? It might be time for some tough love. Its easier with support. Your ex should be aware of the b&e threats. Your son is an adult, and he is trying to play on your guilt. Give him a timeframe to find a job and get his own place. Its time for a grown man to act like one.


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