My "Adult" teenage son wants to move over 1000 miles away

Kristine - posted on 04/30/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello all, my heart is breaking at the momment ......

My Son will be 19 next weekend may 6th he still lives at home But for the past few months he has reconnected with some boys he went to high school with but never hung out with outside of school. now he is with them always when ever he isnt working his part time job he is at their appartment he only comes home to sleep a few nights a week and long enough each day to shower. that part i can handle , now one of these guys has a supposed wealthy aunt who lives in texas (we live near cinti Ohio) and she is supposedly going to let my son and her nephew and a few other of these boys come to her home in texas and stay for about a month til they find work and get there own place.and possibly work for her and travel w/ her... she is coming to cinti soon "per her nephew" and then when she goes back to texas they are to go with her. i dont know these friends of his only seen one of them once and have no clue who this aunt is not a name or even a city she lives in. Im freaking out! my son is not a mature 19 yrold and he has been very sheltered his life(my fault) . when i ask him logical questions about this move like have you saved money ?how will you eat ? are you driving your car? (this kid doesnt even check the oil in his car with out me reminding him) do you really think your car is ready for that long drive (its not) on and so forth. he has no logical answers to give so instead he just gets angry at me and storms out. this has me so worried if he goes and something bad happens or he has no money and he is hungry....he is so shy he wouldnt even ask some one for food that he would be staying with...i dont want him to go but he doesnt seem to listen ...i dont know what to do ...i dont even know this nephews last name , if i tell my son i want to meet this aunt when she comes to town i know he wil not want me to...please someone help me...

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