My aggressive SPD preschooler: does it get better?

Joanne - posted on 11/09/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello! My almost-four-year-old boy was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder two and a half months ago and started Occupational Therapy shortly after his diagnosis. His main issues are vestibular and proprioceptive. These issues manifest themselves in aggressive behavior to his peers -- hitting, kicking, pushing, grabbing. He has been going to OT twice a week for an hour each session. He's been doing Therapeutic Listening twice a day for over a month and we've been brushing every 3-4 hours for the past few weeks. We've also incorporated a home sensory diet with lots of heavy work, trampoline, swinging, etc. These interventions have had a positive effect on his home behavior, but I have yet to see it make any consistent, positive impact when he's with his peers -- particularly at preschool.

I'm wondering if any other parents out there have been in a similar situation that is now greatly improved. I wonder how much of the behavior is SPD and how much is just being a preschool-aged boy? Any success stories of older SPD kids who were aggressive, but overcame it after therapy/time would really help me to power through this confusing/difficult time.

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