My almost 10 year old got her period yesterday......

Jennifer - posted on 11/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi Ladies...
Not sure where to post or how to do this so starting here because this popped up.
My oldest will be 10 in January and got her period yesterday.
While I told her the gist of periods already ( because I got mine when I was 9 too) she is now
SUPER inquisitive about the rest of it. She wants to SEE where the blood comes from inside her body, the real deal on babies and how they are made and come out etc. Does anyone have a favorite website with pictures that are not ummm....I don't know. Not too...something. She is so young. I am torn about all of this. She is a very smart child. Can handle things...and is the kind of child who won't appreciate ( and will recognize a bunch of kid talk) but I guess I didn't expect this QUITE this early.....

Does anyone have a favorite website? Not really big on the whole book thing for this particular subject. Would rather keep her up past her regular bed time of 7pm....put the little ones to bed and stay up big kid style with Mom at the computer. ( They are not allowed computer time during school week except for homework so it would be extra special.....trying to bring the whole "you are big now" thing into it......)
Thanks in advance for your time ladies...

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