My almost 4 year son (2nd child) is out of control at bedtime. we do the whole bedtime routine, potty, teeth, books, and bed. we have laid with him in bed every since he has been in a toddler bed :( he shares a room with his older brother 7 years old. When we lay down he kicks me, hits me and so on. Screams, throws fits ect. I dont' know how to go about getting him to go to sleep on his own for one and how do i do it when his older brother has to share a room? My patience has run out :( i'm frustrated and don't know how to start the process of sleep training and keeping him in bed and falling asleep on his own. i've even bought expensive oil for calming and relaxing to put on his feet and i think it back fires on me. Please some one out there help me start this process :(


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