My almost 9 month old seems to get the chills a lot

Chrissie - posted on 03/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hey guys I just thought I would ask if anyone else's baby does this its fairly new, but my son seems to get chills or shivers a lot lately for no reason. Im going to ask the doctor in 2 weeks when we go. I just wanted to get others thoughts on it, I read on yahoo someone said that it might not be chills but seizures so.... idk


Sarah - posted on 03/27/2012




INfant seizures don't usually look like a shiver - assuming you mean the type of shiver a person gets where they have a short involuntary 'shudder' that lasts only a few seconds. It is possible, but not likely, unless there's something else going on with your son. If he looses consciousness, has his arms and/or legs jerking in a bicycle like motion, if his eyes roll into his head those are concerns.

It's more likely he's masturbating - and having an orgasm (yes babies have orgasms). You might notice him rocking a bit first, maybe putting his hands down his pants (though they don't usually make that particular connection quite yet), maybe sitting on a toy, or if you're holding him against your side - yep he's enjoying time with mommy.

THough please don't get upset or freaked out - it's normal development and it isn't sexual in nature. Even in the womb a baby will have an erection and they will explore. It's about finding out about his body and learning what it can do. At this age either let it be - or distract with a colourful toy.

My 13 mos old has been doing this complete with shudders since about 7 mos. It has lessened quite a bit as she's able to move around more. My older girls were never really interested until they were older. Each child is different.

We usually just let them be has long as we don't have company. But around 3 or 4 we start encouraging them to go to a private place.

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