My angry/volitile 11-12yr.old

Jaclyn - posted on 03/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is just about to turn 12..her whole life she has been the sweetest,good-hearted,loved all as all loved her,honest,yet very shy(in a good way)! All of a sudden in the past 3-4wks she has started talking back,even swinging on me in one occation,then about a week later I get a call from her grandmother that she had done the same to her. Just the day before yesterday I got a call from school that she is bullying a "boy" same age and grade!! What has happened and where did my l'il girl go?? I set up a pediatricians see if they could refer her to speak with someone....HELP!!!


Katherine - posted on 03/13/2012




She may be experiencing puberty and her hormones are raging.

Physical Changes

Growth Spurts

Body shape changes as body fat accumulates around the hips, and thighs, giving girls a curvier shape.

Breast development

Body odor and skin breakouts due to increased oil gland production.

Hair growth in the underarm area, on the legs and in the pubic area.

Menstruation begins, typically around the age of 12.

Emotional Changes

Mood swings may begin, punctuated with bouts of anger, sadness, and other emotional fluctuations.

Romantic feelings and interest in the opposite sex.

Anxiety and/or excitement about the changes she is going through.

Concerns over increased responsibility, fitting in socially, and separating from her parents.

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