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My 12 year old was misdiagnosed for years until late last year we have been told ADHD or PDD. Many well meaning family and friends have even told me the only thing wrong with my son was I didn't have a strong enough hand with him. Emagine how vindicated I feel now. But I also feel a bit like I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool with no idea how to swim. I try very hard to be my son's advocate at school but I'm unsure of what I should be asking for. They he doesn't have melt downs at school, but then they say he's disruptive in class. Elijah is 12 and as he's gotten older the melt downs are smaller and we have learned together how to manage them somewhat. But my biggest concern is school he fights going vomits every morning only on school days. I do have him on medication because he asks for it, he says he can't function with out it. He's on quillivant and he takes zoloft . He understands the other kids think he's werd and don't like him this upsets him greatly. I guess my question is does anyone have ideas on how to help him with his socializing and how to help him or the teachers to know what to do to help with his disruption in class I think he just makes noises. He's not good at changing from one activity to another, but that's normal with aspies . I'm also wondering if a service dog would be helpful in soothing him in some of these situations. Thanks for listening.


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You need to schedule a meeting with all his teachers, the school counselor, and the principal. You need to take information based on your son's case with you from the ones that evaluated him and show them what is going on. They are required to help you get services in school to help him in classes be it resource (special ed) classes or assistant teachers who can help him with the work he does or the situations he encounters. He needs to be in therapy to get counseling for the social skills he lacks in (ie. making noises in class and being a disruption). He also needs to know that there are kids that are like him or have similar issues and he is not the only one. They (school) should come uip with an IEP or Individual Educational Program for him so that there is a list of the goals he has to meet and what the school and you are to do for that. THey meet so many times a year to go over his progress with you and so on. There should be also outside resources you can find in your area that can help you to learn how to deal with the things he is going through. I know this from working with special needs kids in a preschool setting and I have a son who was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 11. He is high functioning but he had resource classes, IEP, and extra therapies and counseling as he needed it. He is 18 now and graduated with a 3.1 grade point out of high school.

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Honestly, I raised an Aspies child, and it's not that difficult. Yes, they're "quirky", and do not do well in social situations, but working as a team (Dr. Teachers, parents and kid) its no problem.
What he needs, if he's got an official diagnosis, is for you to meet with counselors and administrators to develop a 504 or and IEP plan for him.


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