my aunt hates me why!!

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My aunt really blames me for her daughters actions. Which one is 42 yrs old & 38 yrs old.We used to hang out all the time until we had children so we hardly see each other everybody just went different ways. But to this day she hasnt really said if its true cause look they used to do drugs but they started doing first at than I was like they were trying to tell me all the time to try it and I told them to stop.. So I quit talking to them and I had my babies and my little family Im been on my own since 16 yrs old and I always had a roof over there head clothes on there back food on the table. But her girls they barely started living on there own recently but now one of them got envicted out of her house and now they live with my aunt and dad which are mom and dad to them. And other one left her husband and also lives with her mom and dad and her 4 kids and the 38 one has 3 kids. But like they always spoiled the 42 and her kids and give them what ever they need got them cars and etc. And she always in jail but some how they bail her out like always. And when it comes to the 38 and her kids they treat her really mean like they always tell her kids stuff all the time and my aunt always hells at them for no reason and I think the 38 yr old her kids got more respect for them than the 42 yr old one an dkids.. Its just crazy but now to my point why does she always tell my dad(brother) will what about your daughter (me) cause my oldest son always lived with him his 25 and his kid (grandson) but see I always had my kids not like her 42 yr old she gave her 2 kids away.. But Im not bad like her 42 yr old but some how she is always putiting me and my kids down that my dad and his sister always gets upset with each other.. SO now she started this ugly rumor about my 3 oldest son they everybody looks at him different but she didnt have to do that . And see I have all my 7 kids except the 3 oldest ones one lives with my dad and the other one has her apt for almost 4 yrs never been to jail gots a job with her 3 kids. and the other one lives on her own since 17 got her apt with also her 3 kids gots a job.. Maybe she is jealous cause my kids are not like my 42 yr old cousin and 38 they all live with there parents I say maybe 3 yrs on and off they been on there own.. So now I just want to tell my aunt what is her problem with me and my kids and my kids.. I cant stand her that is my dad sister, my uncle is nothing like her, he cant even stand her sometimes.. Can someone help me how to tell her sumthing been holding it for a long time. So how can I tell her what is her problem!!


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Raye - posted on 03/30/2016




Estella, I'm not sure why you deleted your account. Your post is a little hard to read because of lack of punctuation and no paragraph breaks, but otherwise you posted correctly. You didn't get any immediate responses, so maybe that's why you left? Not sure. But you need to give people time to read and respond.

In case you come back, or someone else is reading this that has a similar issue, I'll respond anyway...

Whether or not you had influence on your cousins really doesn't mean anything. They are adults, and capable of making their own decisions. They are responsible for themselves. Your aunt should not blame you for her daughters' actions. No adults should be making the children's lives more difficult for any reason. You don't need to tell her off. That may make you feel better, but won't help the situation. You can choose not to be around negative people, and that includes family. If they can't act respectfully, then you're better off keeping your distance.

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