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Joyce - posted on 05/17/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




What should my daughter call my boyfriend who is not her real dad?


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Sue Erin - posted on 05/17/2014




From my own experience concerning my teenage children, their father, the guy I dated after we split up when the boys were, heck the 2nd one wasn't even born yet: by his name until your daughter decides on her own that he is her dad. Also, the natural father's feelings, intentions, and presence in her life must be considered at all costs. I encouraged them to call my bf dad until I heard them call his gf mom.
However, if paternity rights are surrendered and your bf adopts her, he is, by all means, her father. If this is the case and you and your bf split up, please keep him in her life just like his sperm had created her. My sister was given up by her natural father at age 2. My father took her in as his own, but my sister was later adopted by my mother's new husband, who is no longer in the picture. Also, make sure that your bf is on the level knowing that he is forever a part of her life, regardless of if you split up or why. My children are still in the lives of the 2 men I dated and brought them close to and they have a great grip on life and the fact that I disagree with the way those men live, but the children only see them occasionally and in my presence. Sometimes, they play video games together online. No, these men did not legally adopt my children, but they adopted them into their hearts. No matter how much I hate a certain quality of any person, if I love them, I will always love them and simply accept (okay it's not simple, it's very difficult) that they are not meant for me and move on.

Michelle - posted on 05/17/2014




My 2 older children call my husband by his first name. That's what I did with my mum's husbands as well.

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