My baby at 9 months

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Hi my name is sara I am 25 years of age I have a baby at 9 months and yes she dose drive me bonkers and sometimes I only want a shower so I put her in her cot for 5 or 10 minutes to have a shower I give her all her toys and book and cuddly toy for the meantime in till I finish my shower I always leave the door wide open just In case of anything she didn't like being left alone for a Second and she starts crying and screaming down the house so that I need to be like Super fast and when I run to see if she is ok she happy to see me so this has made me so tired and it dreaming I feel so bad to say this because I love my little baby girl so much but I can't do anything when she is up my sister says let her cry it's not harming her if you can hear her crying then she is safe but when she stops then that's when you need to worry but I don't like the idea of her crying she is only a baby and don't know anything better then just want her mummy if anyone has anything to say pleases help I will so grateful


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 05/09/2014




Same with me. Showers either were done as family time, me, LO & dad together, or I'd put him in the bouncy seat in the bathroom.

When we had our second, it just became the shower round. Dad would get in, scrub himself, then I'd put our oldest in with dad to scrub. By the time he was rinsed, I'd get him wrapped in his towel, dad would step out, and I'd step in with LO, scrub him up, rinse, hand him to dad, and do my shower. All in all, the family shower round usually still was done w/in 1/2 hour.

Yes, its perfectly understandable that you're not comfortable with your current solution...I actually had to have one of my neighbors tell me "honey, you CAN take a shower...just put him in his bouncy seat in the room with you"...giggling the whole time...we all go through it with our firstborn!

Denikka - posted on 05/09/2014




I did the same thing as Jodi. I usually brought them into the bathroom with me and popped them in their exosaucer, or waited until my hubby got home to watch them.
Got a lot more interesting when I had more than one though XD Then the oldest would go IN the shower with me, and the little one would go in the saucer :P
Or, I would wait until nap time, get in and out and tra la la, baby never even noticed :P

That being said, there were times when I wouldn't/couldn't take them in with me. And your sister is right. Crying for a few minutes is NOT going to hurt her.

Jodi - posted on 05/09/2014




I used to take my kids into the bathroom with me in their bouncer. That way I could talk to them while I had a shower. Either that, or I just waited until my husband got home.

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