My baby boy is going to daycare at 4 month and I feel so conflicted

Jessica - posted on 05/05/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 42 and this is my second chil, my oldest is 9 yrs. Different in every way. I originally planned to take extra two months without pay so I can't stay home with my baby. Now I feel like I am going crazy, I love my baby very much but it's so overwhelming. I am home alone with him since hubby and son come around 6. My husband thinks that I am having a depression and think it will be better for me to go back to work sooner. Eventually I was gonna back two months later ( when he is 6 months) and the idea now is Ettinger into my head. I feel so bad that I want to try it and at the same time would live to stay home linger with him, I think that I am losing it. He is no longer taking long nas and I am so tired. The daycare is great since my first son was there when he was 2 years until kindergarten. This time around, it's so different. He is still small but my husband told me that if it's now, it will be for later, he will fine and you will feel better. I feel ashamed but would welcome the break. Please need reassurance from other moms, crying while writing ths.


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Dove - posted on 05/05/2016




If you are feeling so depressed and stressed out about sending him to daycare... I would recommend seeking some counseling before thinking going back to work is going to fix everything. It MIGHT be what you need... or it could make the situation even worse. Perhaps you are suffering from some PPD..? Take care of yourself first, so you can keep taking care of your kids! ♥

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