My baby boy of 7 months has a bad COUGH/STUFFY NOSE.. what to do ???

Leslie - posted on 12/27/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 7 months and he started with a cough on friday night by saturday he was coughing alot more so sunday morning i took him to the hospital and they told me its just a cough but he cant get any medicines yet :( wednesday i took him to his doctor and she told me the same thing ...his lungs sound fine but just a cough. NOW this morning he has a stuffy nose too ! omg really :(.... what scares me the most is he coughs so bad sometimes he pukes and he looks out of breath. Its going to be a week and he is just getting worse! Does any one have any ideas how to make him feel better or make his cough go away faster ? I do use a baby vicks on his chest + the humidifier too. ANY ADVICE WILL HELP PLEASE .. thank you


September - posted on 12/27/2012




Steam showers work great at that age. Go into your bathroom, close the door and turn your shower on as hot as it will go. Sit in the bathroom with him for 10-15 minutes allowing him to breathe in the steam from the shower; you can do this several times a day. That will help to loosen the congestion. You can also use one of those nose bulbs to help keep his nose clear. Continue to use the humidifier at night. When he coughs try to have him sitting up, which will make it easier for him to cough. I know it's hard when they are so young. I don't think over the counter cold medicines are great at any age since they don't cure but only mask the illness. Our son is 4 and has never had cold medicines. It's going to just take time for your little one to heal. If you're feeding him solids be sure to give him plenty of foods high in Vitamin C too. Good luck and I hope he feels better soon!

Lisa - posted on 12/27/2012




No Vicks on babies only baby rub. Eucalyptus oil is ok. Call the doctor is could be early signs of pneumonia. Better to catch early. If there is a fever then make a dr appointment. Make sure to suction the nose before bed to help with sleeping. Ultrasonic humidifiers eliminate bacteria so plug one in during naps and night time.


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Claire - posted on 12/27/2012




Yup, steam showers. Pretty much only thing you can do. The nose bulb is good, but dont over do it, you can end up making his nose bleed

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