My baby calls my sister mama

Candice - posted on 11/18/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi I'm a working mother with an 11 month old daughter. I have a nanny that cares for her during the day but i also have my sister who is unemployed playing with her all day. Recently my LO has started calling my sister, mama, i just cant shake feelings of anger and jealousy towards my sister, I am mama, i know i should me grateful that my LO is so fond of my sister but the negative feelings just wont go away. I know its because she spends so much more time with her but it really breaks my heart, I work hard every day for my family, i wish i could be a stay at home mom but these days its next to impossible.


Gena - posted on 11/19/2013




I am a sahm and my son calls me mommy, last summer when we were playing outside with the neighbors daughter that calls her mom mama my son also started calling her mama. Small children sometimes dont understand and like Sarah said they try differenting from male and female. So my son called her Mama because he heard her daughter always call her mama,then its difficult for the child to know her real name and i knew exactly my son doesnt look at her as a mother(well not his). Its normal i guess because 2years ago our neighbors daughter called me mommy.They just need time to learn.Any couple that walks with a child my son will say its a man and woman or the Papi and Mami (papi is what the swiss kids call their daddys).What i am trying to say is dont feel to much anger or jelousy,your daughter knows who her mommy is and it might not be the first time she will call a different woman mommy.Good luck


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Sarah - posted on 11/18/2013




For the mama part that is normal for 11 months old. Most babies will call any female mama and any male dada at that age. To her she is learning the difference of how a male looks and how a female looks and calling females mom and males dad.....don't worry as she gets older and learn who is who she will start calling you mom and your sister and the nanny by their names. Mom is a very special name, but to your daughter right now mom does not have that special has the meaning of a female.

For the staying home......if that is something you truly desire then sit down and look at how you could make that possible. Or in what ways you could be at home. Being a stay home mom is not impossible, but it does take sacrifices and working out your budget. There are many things that we have today that when it really comes down to it we really don't need. So if being at home is a real desire for you look at what you can downsize and where things could give.

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