My baby can't go #2.

Anya - posted on 06/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello everyone! My 13 day old son Adrian is having a difficult time going #2. I had him on the Simiilac powder formula for fussiness and gas ever since we came home from the hospital. He did #2 after every feeding until a few days ago. So I purchased the same formula in ready to feed liquid to see if that an help him go #2. To my disappointment it didn't help at all. I used a q tip with Vaseline and that helped him poop finally. The poop however was green, pasty and had a distinct smell. i tried everything from massaging my baby's belly to pushing his little feet to his tummy to help him poop. I don't have enough breast milk for my baby that is why I am relying on the formula. Please help me with advice of how I can help my son go # 2 on his own. My baby's pediatrician is telling me that is okay that my baby is not going # 2. Please help! Thank you ladies in advance!!


Dove - posted on 06/25/2013




Babies can go days at a time without pooping. I would not trust advice from random, opinionated women on the internet over the doctor that has actually MET your child and has medical knowledge. If you don't trust his doctor... find another one for a second opinion, but please don't leave the well being of your newborn in the hands of a bunch of strangers.

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