My Baby crying during the night

Ruth - posted on 11/30/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby sleeps well during the day. But at night she is so fussy. She constantly nurses for more than one hour. When i try to make her sleep, she will start to cry and want to breast feed again. I am worried as i do not know why she is doing this. Is this normal? have anyone experienced this issue. the baby is turning a month old Next thursday


Dove - posted on 11/30/2014




At a month old? Pretty normal. She is likely gearing up for a growth spurt and signaling your body to make more milk. You can try and offer the breast more frequently during the day to see if that helps her sleep any more at night. Otherwise... rest whenever she is resting (if you can) and ride it out.

Sarah - posted on 11/30/2014




Babies can get days and nights goofed up especially at 1 month. At night, try to keep everything dark and quiet, when she does get up, use just a nightlight and soft voice. I put my babies down to nap during the day in a bassinet on the first floor of my house and at night they went upstairs to a crib. I think that helped a little bit.
Make sure you are staying well hydrated during the day, so your milk supply is good and she is filling up when she nurses. During the day, I would wake her if she sleeps for three hours. Try to sleep when you can during the day. If you already do all of these things, let us know and I am sure there will be many more ideas.
Good Luck


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