my baby does not want to eat or drink milk shes 6 months old and after a long period of loose motions she stopped eating and drinking milk her paed says to go through testsw but my hubby says she lost her weight bcause of loose motiong for about 20 days as well not having proper diet what to do now i m feeding her accorting to shedule should i wait for a month and see because my hubby is a doctor too i cant go againt him


Dove - posted on 10/04/2012




At 6 months old her 'diet' should consist of breast milk or formula... Maybe starting solids, but if she's having digestive problems... solids are probably not a good idea. I wouldn't feed on a schedule unless the schedule is offering her MORE often than what she is asking for.

What kind of doctor is your husband? Unless HE is a pediatrician as well... there is no way his word would trump the ped (imo) in my house. If the ped wants to be running tests... we'd be running tests. It is not normal or good for a baby to be losing weight at 6 months old. Granted, it 'could' very well be from the digestive issues, but I would not want to 'wait and see' and risk my baby getting worse in the meantime.

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