my baby father left me and treats me like shit

JAYLA - posted on 04/27/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi I met this guy at a get together in the beginning he was so nice to me we struggled together and everything I loved him so much I got pregnant with in 2 months of knowing him I was for sure we would be together i had the baby in feb 2013 a baby boy :) , i begged my mom for him to live with us cuz he eas losing his apartment in manhattan and she finally said yes he lived with me for a year and then he got kicked out by my mom cuz of rent issues and I left with him cuz I didn't want him to be homeless and I loved him we went to stay in a shelter so that we could try to get our own place and it didn't work so we went to north carolina and the shelter system didn't work for us either we used to argue a lot becuz he was so selfish and I felt he didn't show me and the baby enough care and attention like he should have on our way back from north carolina to newyork I got mad cuz I was thirsty and he didn't stop at a rest stop so I kicked his car mirror and it cracked a lil but I didn't mean to do it after that when we both went our seperate ways after north carolina I went back to my moms and he went to stay with a friend in manhattan he promised me we would still be TOGETHER but I found out he met a new girl this wad in july of 2013 when he left me I cryed everyday slept a lot didn't have an appetite I cursed out the girl and her mom and everyone I was so hurt that iwanted to die all people kept tellin me was to worry about my son but it was sooo harddddd cuz I couldn't get hin off my mind I told him and he thought I was crazy I even cut myself after he was tellin me to move on that he didn't want me I now he just told me this month that he still loves me and we can get back together later in life but my son is his twin I want us to be together but he has a girl later he asked me should he leave that girl n be a family I said no cuz I rather not see her hurt even tho she ain't give a damn about my feelins now he is stilk with her I can't stop callen his phone he gets smart with me all the time I love him I wish he loved me the same and knew what he was doing to me and our baby boy I don't wanna be a single mom I feel like ill never get over him please help it hurt so baddddddddddddd that I wanna die


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I suggest just stay the hell away from him and move on yourself, find another guy. people like that are just toxic to your life. You deserve better than someone who makes you feel like you want to die or cut yourself. Having a support system is good for you, he obviously isn't supporting you, financially or emotionally. He sounds like a loser.

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