My baby girls 2months old and we've had formula issues since she was born. Left the hospital on enfamil newborn, after coming home tried powdered newborn her stomach was swollen had belly pains kicking up her legs so doc told us to go back. Then tried the enfamil ready to feed infant0-12months and she had. Same issues. Back to the docs took stool samples no blood so were finally on enfamil gentle lease and have been for a month. She seems to be doing so much better except lately she's been spitting up what looks like water and sometimes when you pick her up from a lying position shell spit up. Dpretty sure it was acid refluxx so back to docs and now were doing 1 tsp of rice cereal with 5 ounces. Seems a little better but grandma thinks baby's belly is still not right and hinks the formulas still the issue. Any similar experiences?


Cori - posted on 05/25/2013




Sorry for spelling* to add rice seems to be helping with the spit up( stomach acid-reflux) but she's extremely lethargic with a whole tsp so Ive been doing 1/2 tsp. when I was a baby I had colic and needed soy. She's def not colicky but think her belly is super sensitive

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